Tesla rival Lucid to launch in Europe in 2022

In a few months, buyers in Europe will be able to take delivery of the first luxury Stromer from Lucid Motors, as the Tesla rival has confirmed. The Lucid Air is said to have a range of up to 840 kilometers and 1,080 hp under the hood – but it also has its price.

The first examples of the Lucid Air are already available in the USA. In the Dream Edition, which is limited to 520 units, the electric sedan can travel just under 840 kilometers on one charge and has 1,080 horsepower – but it also costs $169,000. In the most affordable version, the Lucid Air costs just under $80,000 (before taxes) – but then it also offers less power. In Europe, interested parties have been able to place online orders for almost two years. But they still have to wait for their vehicle. At least not for much longer, as Lucid Motors has now officially confirmed.

Even before that, experts had assumed that Lucid Motors would launch in Europe in 2022. After all, the European market is considered the most important sales market for electric cars alongside China and the USA. Accordingly, we can soon expect to see the first Lucid Air on the roads in Germany as well. Like Austria, Switzerland, Norway and the United Kingdom, Germany is one of the 15 European markets in which online reservations for the Lucid Air are possible, according to CNBC. However, it is still unclear when exactly the launch will take place in the individual countries.

Lucid Motors only let it be known via Twitter that “the expansion to Europe will start this year”. Country-specific information on deliveries would follow. The confirmation of the European expansion came in response to a post in which Lucid Motors welcomed new owners at the start of the year, prompting questions about whether the new Lucid Airs were in the UK. Although Lucid Motors responded, another Twitter user correctly pointed out that the wheel would be on the other side of a car in the UK.

In any case, the Lucid Air has proven itself in initial tests. U.S. automotive journalist Douglas DeMuro was enthusiastic about the electric sedan. Compared to the competitor Tesla Model S Plaid, for example, the tester was impressed by the more refined design. DeMuro also attested to a solid driving feel and precise steering, as E-Driver writes. The high performance and luxurious interior led DeMuro to conclude that the vehicle was worth the money. In the overall rating, the Lucid Air is tied for the lead with the Tesla Model S Plaid.