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Reddit releases NFT series through its own marketplace



  • Reddit is launching the next NFT series through its own marketplace “in the next few weeks.” The social news aggregator announced this in a press release.
  • The collection comes from independent artists who, according to Reddit, are paid for each copy sold. The price range for the NFT is between 10 and 100 US dollars.
  • With the purchase, the owner receives the licensing rights and may use the artwork both inside and outside of Reddit, for example, as a profile picture. In addition,  avatars are tradable.
  • No cryptocurrencies are required for the purchase, it continues. The prices for the copies are fixed, and you have to pay with fiat currencies.
  • The technical basis is the Polygon blockchain.
  • Reddit already experimented with NFT functions in January. At that time, the platform published the “CryptoSnoos” collection via Ethereum.

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NFT: Lindsay Lohan collaborates with Justin Sun

In recent weeks, more and more celebrities have released their own Non-fungible Tokens (NFT). The famous US actress, artist, and singer Lindsay Lohan also wants to issue her own NFT – Justin Sun is helping her.

The NFT space is breaking record after record, and only recently, the sector’s total turnover exceeded $600 million. Many non-fungible tokens have been sold for several million US dollars in recent months. For example, Beeple, an extremely well-known artist in the crypto space, raised over $69 million as recently as early March through his NFT collection “EVERYDAYS: The First 5,000 Days.”

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