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Tesla rival Lucid to launch in Europe in 2022

In a few months, buyers in Europe will be able to take delivery of the first luxury Stromer from Lucid Motors, as the Tesla rival has confirmed. The Lucid Air is said to have a range of up to 840 kilometers and 1,080 hp under the hood – but it also has its price.

The first examples of the Lucid Air are already available in the USA. In the Dream Edition, which is limited to 520 units, the electric sedan can travel just under 840 kilometers on one charge and has 1,080 horsepower – but it also costs $169,000. In the most affordable version, the Lucid Air costs just under $80,000 (before taxes) – but then it also offers less power. In Europe, interested parties have been able to place online orders for almost two years. But they still have to wait for their vehicle. At least not for much longer, as Lucid Motors has now officially confirmed.

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Vision-S02: Sony shows new electric car at CES 2022

Sony is getting serious about entering the car business: The Japanese electronics giant unveiled its second electric car prototype at the CES technology trade show currently taking place in Las Vegas (US state of Nevada) (January 5-7, 2022). In addition, company CEO Kenichiro Yoshida announced that the group will establish a new mobility subsidiary called “Sony Mobility” in spring 2022. The goal: It is to examine a commercial market launch of the vehicles.

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You can now buy Tesla with Bitcoins

As of today, it is possible to pay with Bitcoin in the US online store of the US car manufacturer Tesla. “You can now buy Tesla with Bitcoin,” writes company founder Elon Musk on Twitter.

Tesla does not work with third-party providers for BTC payments, who exchange Bitcoin for US dollars in the background and then transfer them to Tesla, but accepts the BTC directly. According to Musk, Tesla would work exclusively with internal open-source software and also operate a Bitcoin node itself.

The company announced this promise back in February 2021. At the same time, 1.5 billion dollars were invested in digital currency. The value of Bitcoin had risen sharply in recent months – at the beginning of January, it climbed temporarily to over 40,000 dollars. In mid-March, it even cracked a record value of over 60,000 dollars.

Musk’s bitcoin purchase has the carbon footprint of 1.8 million cars

Analysts at Bank of America have converted Bitcoin’s carbon footprint to cars. But they also have other arguments against cryptocurrency.

Unclean investment: The US electric car manufacturer Tesla recently purchased a large amount of Bitcoin. The action is controversial from a climate protection perspective because of the high computing power required for cryptocurrency. Bank of America has related Bitcoin investments to internal combustion vehicles.

Investors concerned about environmental aspects of their investments should “pay attention to Bitcoin’s enormous environmental costs,” according to a Bank of America report titled “Bitcoin’s dirty little secrets.” As the authors calculated, buying $1 billion worth of Bitcoin releases as much carbon dioxide as 1.2 million internal combustion engine vehicles in a year.

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Tesla continues to push ahead with Asia expansion

Tesla will build an automobile factory in India. This was claimed by the chief minister of the state of Karnataka on Sunday, the “FAZ” reported. Only in January, Tesla registered the subsidiary Tesla India.

The e-pioneer seems to want to profit from the growth of the populous state. In addition to production, sales are also to be expanded. However, electric mobility still enjoys a niche existence there. To date, India only has a total of 5,000 electric cars. According to the Ministry of Transport, however, the country strives to become a significant player in the future electromobility market.

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Hyundai/ KIA deny talks around Apple electric car

In the future, things could get a little quieter around Apple’s plans and its autonomous electric car, which is to be manufactured by Hyundai or KIA. This is because the South Korean carmaker Hyundai and its subsidiary Kia are, according to their own information, not currently in talks with the US electronics giant Apple to build autonomous driving cars. This is according to a statement to the stock exchange in Seoul.

It was more or less known that Hyundai Motor and Apple plan to sign a partnership for autonomous electric cars by March. According to a report from Korea IT News, with this agreement as to the basis, production of the e-vehicle would be targeted in the United States starting in 2024. As recently as early January, Hyundai distanced itself from related rumors when information became public, hinting at collaboration between the two companies. Then, however, the word became more concrete, and the first prototype was announced for 2022. Hyundai and KIA recently said that they were not entirely happy with the role of contract manufacturers in the form of insiders.

Since the beginning of January, the rumors about Apple’s entry into e-mobility, which had repeatedly been circulating for several years, had gained new momentum. So far, there has been no talk of statements from the automakers or Apple itself. Apple is considered extremely sensitive when suppliers or partners want to publicly name the company as a customer. Whether the collaboration is finally off the table is questionable. It could be more realistic that Hyundai/KIA wants to take some pressure off the kettle to continue negotiations and plans with Apple in peace.